Schools have opened this week in Zim and Sam is back from his first-semester block at Uni. It went well and he said he had to put in very long
hours. He has to go back to write the first semester exams towards the end
of May, but for now, it is back to school business.

Denny has completed the house of Ludwig and Lea and they have moved in a few
weeks ago. Last week we had her container arrive from Switzerland and I had
to be at the border as well with their stove and fridge and her car also had
to come through as they needed to clear all at once. We spent a few days at
the border, but God was so awesome, her residence permit came out just
before she had to come for the border and after long days of waiting, the
customs people and immigration people accepted her as an immigrant and
everything came in duty-free as an immigrant rebate. Praise God! At the same
time, while we were at the border, the news came that she had passed her
medical exams and can proceed to the next step in arranging for the three
months in Harare! Thank you for all your prayers in all these areas! It was
truly a miracle.

Denny has started with the foundation of the second classroom block and we
want to push to get the floor done as soon as we can. We had to hire his
tractor to carry all the sand up now because our tractor broke after the
sand for the bricks and doing some work on the Lirhanzo road a few weeks
ago. After great expense, it is finally back on the road today and we will
do the rest of the material like the gravel and stones. The parents have
collected lots of stones, but some are at another location so has to be
carted. Denny is busy with new quotations and quantity lists for this block.
As soon as he has completed them, I will be able to say where we are at
regards to labor and material.

Ezelle ( Ezelle is the founder of Lirhanzo Childrens’ Village)
09 May 2018