Meet Sam

Sam Seesa

My name is Pastor Sam Seesa I am married to a beautiful wife and God has blessed us with two children. God changed my life in 1993 when he saved me. Soon afterward He called me into the ministry. I serve as an evangelist in the Northern Freestate. I am also the Senior Pastor at Emmanuel Gospel Ministries in Koppies. My main passion is to train leaders and to encourage others to discern, develop and pursue the vision God has given them. I am also passionate about evangelical preaching and for pastors to understand and teach doctrine.

Meet Mosioua

Mosioua Molefi

My Name is Mosiuoa Molefi, 24 years old. I am married with two children. I am the associate pastor at Grace Gospel Ministries in Koppies. I also serve as an evangelist in the Northern Freestate and is also involved in the preaching at a new church plant in the Johannesburg area. I am currently studying at the Multi Ministries College. Through the studies, my understanding of the Bible, as well as my skill for preaching, has developed tremendously. I desire to continue my studies and develop a deeper understanding of God’s missional heart.

Meet Masimba

Masimba Mafana                                    

My name is Masimba Mafana born on the 10th of January 1982. I am married and have a five-year-old girl. I gave my life to Jesus Christ 16 October 2005 in Zimbabwe. I currently fellowship at the Vanderbijlpark Church I am passionate about serving the Lord, I love to contribute to the advancement of the kingdom of God in many different ways. My primary gift is teaching, however, I enjoy evangelism and am currently involved in a church plant in the Johannesburg area.

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